Our Story

PerthMining actually began with a simple idea over a cup of coffee. Focusing to combine today’s technology with the way dealings are traditionally done. Perth Mining would bridge networking gaps that exist multifariously from developing from exploration to a producing mine in the industry. Industry pioneers could better relate to the mining culture and the many challenges and information asymmetry apparent in the industry. Perth Mining would provide the professional solution to prosper in the global game of exploring and mining via an online market place.

All we wanted to do was to connect people in the mining industry with each other no matter in which corner of the world they are via a safe and secure platform. The shifts and contraction’s in current mining industry prompted us to develop an online marketplace for all things mining. We truly believe there should be no geographical restrictions in either finding a good deal or get funding for mining projects, wherever you maybe.

Compare Perth Mining as a market place with the way things are done traditionally and you’ll gauge the massive change. We’ve challenged the existing ways of thinking by revisiting long-standing traditional practices and processes. If you have good projects to sell or looking to buy a project or have good story to tell, we will help you get ‘connected’. We will take care of the entire process through to completion. Starting with verification, valuation and connecting sellers with buyers.

Perth Mining initiated in the heartland of Australian Mining industry with networking skills giving us better research into bridging the technical analogies needed to better dealings.

Stay tuned for additional services that will be on offer shortly to mining executives and like. Founded in 2014, PerthMining is based in Perth, Western Australia as name suggests, based out of West Perth.

So be Social. Stay Connected.