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PERTHMINING is an online marketplace where we connect people from the mining industry and related globally to buy and sell their assets, goods and services. We truly believe there should be no geographical restrictions in either finding a good deal or get funding for mining projects, wherever you may be.

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PerthMining’s web based service provides an online platform for buyers and seller to interact. Buyers can browse online, purchase items, contact and connect with sellers directly. And vice-versa.

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Browse-Tenements Buy and Sell projects. Browse through and find out what is on offer from the list of Exploration or Mining Permits, Licenses, and Tenements (Concessions) for dealing.


Browse-CommoditiesBuy and Sell commodities. Browse all metal, non-metal and rare earth commodities, from gold to copper and from Coal to Diamond.


Buy and Sell Equipment’s. Browse through and find out what is on offer from the list of plants, machinery and on site mining equipment.


Browse-ServicesBrowse through the list for Jobs, opportunities and services in the mining industry. Promote your service and list your contracts for tender.


Browse-ConsumablesBuy and Sell consumables for mining project. List of resources for mining supplies, safety equipment, tools, hardware, plumbing, electrical, building supplies and general consumables.